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Bali visa agency for the best service is pt mitaya prasandha permai. We serve all kinds of visas such as travel visas, bali visa on arrival,bali visa application, multiple entry visas, single entry visa and bali tourist visa. we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to simplify your business operations or visa processes. Our expertise encompasses legal entity setups, licensing, all types of visas and ITAS, as well as various supporting services. We understand the importance of streamlining procedures and ensuring convenience for our clients, which is why we strive to make every process as simple and hassle-free as possible.
If you’re looking to spend time in Bali, you’re looking at a time of relaxation, fun, and beautiful surroundings. please contact us because we are visas experts.

Bali Visa Agency and the best services


Indonesia Visa and Stay Permit Services

Indonesia Visa and Stay Permit Services

We provide assistance for obtaining a Temporary Stay Visa (VITAS) in Indonesia

visas B211A Single Entry e-visa


We offer services for obtaining a B211A Single Entry e-visa, which allows individuals to stay in Indonesia for up to 60 days.

Working KITAS (INDEX C-312)

Working Permit and Multiple Entry Visa

We provide services for obtaining a Working KITAS (INDEX C-312) with a validity of 12 months.

6-month Working KITAS (INDEX C-312)

Working KITAS 6 Months (INDEX C-312)

We also assist with obtaining a 6-month Working KITAS (INDEX C-312)

Family KITAS (INDEX C-317)

Family KITAS (INDEX C-317)

We assist in obtaining a Family Union KITAS (INDEX C-317), which is issued to foreigners joining an Indonesian spouse, dependents of foreigners holding KITAS or KITAP

Retirement KITAS (INDEX C-319)

Retirement KITAS (INDEX C-319):

We provide services for obtaining a Retirement KITAS, suitable for foreigners aged 55 and above who wish to spend their retirement years in Indonesia.

status change visas

Status Change (Alih Status)

We offer assistance for individuals holding Business or Social visas who wish to convert to a KITAS.

PMA Company Registration

PT PMA Company Registration

If you are a foreign company or individual looking to start a business in Indonesia, we provide services for PT PMA company registration.

Speaker 5

Investor KITAS (INDEX C-313 and INDEX C-314)

For individuals who invest in or hold shares in an Indonesian company, we provide services for obtaining an Investor KITAS.

Multiple Visit Visa (INDEX D-212)

Multiple Visit Visa (INDEX D-212)

We assist with the application process for a multiple visit visa, designed for individuals who require several visits to Indonesia

Permanent Stay Permit (ITAP)

Permanent Stay Permit (ITAP)

We assist foreigners living in Indonesia with obtaining a Permanent Stay Permit (ITAP), which is valid for five years.

SKTT Arrangement

SKTT Arrangement

We assist foreigners living in Indonesia with obtaining the Surat Keterangan Tempat Tinggal (Residency Certificate), known as SKTT.